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Judges Statement “The judges were all very complimentary of this well-executed design and impressed by the unique site planning and architecture. The building types are carefully designed utilizing irregular shapes as a response to the site constraints. The result being the creation of third places and open spaces to encourage social connections and interactions. The elevations were skillfully crafted with executed massing and layering of materials and details. The use of bold colors and accents brought energy and freshness to this amazing project. A truly outstanding effort, well deserving of this award. ”

Golden Nugget Winner’s Book

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Our ultimate goals are to project the image of your brand, enhance your product, and attract targeted consumers. Parisi takes a uniquely personalized approach to servicing our clients, where you can rest assured that one of our executives or the owner will be in attendance at every meeting and presentation, and will personally be involved with your project, every step of the way.